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Quick Recap: Colts 31-Ravens 3

Dear NFL "experts,"

You thought the Colts were done. You thought the Colts were finished. You thought Marvin Harrison was old, Peyton Manning hobbled, and the Colts defense befuddled. A 31-3 ass whopping later, we see Marvin is Marvin (2 TDs), Peyton is still the best QB in football (3 TDs, no TOs), and the Colts defense can stop the run (51 total rushing yards allowed).

In short, you were wrong about the Colts. Again. Please keep it  up. We Colts fans look forward to making you folks look stupid on a weekly basis.

Go Indianapolis Colts!


The crew at Stampede Blue


P.S.- Despite the final score, Baltimore has some great young players to build their franchise around. Joe Flacco has what it takes to win in this league. Don't let the TOs skew things. This team will be in the hunt in their division this season despite the youth on offense, and John Harbaugh is a solid young coach. They just ran into a buzzsaw in Indy. Also, to those that complained about Tim Jennings starting today: 8 tackles, 1 FF, and 1 INT.