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Breaking down the tape-The OL and REs (1st quarter)

Every play of the first quarter following the OL and the RE.

I'll do the second quarter tomorrow (or later today actually) Sleep time.


The OL has been an issue all season, how'd they play this week?

  • 1st-10 Run with Addai. Jeff Saturday gets run over and his man brings down Addai. 1 yard gain.
  • 2nd-9 Play action pass. Decent pocket. Saturday and Pollak block the same guy leaving two blitzers for Addai. He pop one and is in the others way long enough for Peyton to rush a pass deep to Reggie. Incomplete.
  • 3rd-9 Pass. Well designed blitz by the Ravens to attack the young middle of the Colts. Both ILB line up outside the DTs and then loop into the middle. Saturday helps Pollak with his man and can't recover in time to block the Ray Lewis blitzing into the middle. Same story on the opposite side with Richard helping Charlie Johnson and missing the LB coming inside. Peyton lays down for a sack.

Drive 2

  • 1st-10 Run right. Charlie Johnson blocks no one and Jamey Richard can't hold his block. The RE and DT catch Addai a yard past the line of scrimmage. Gijon Robinson completely misses the LE who nearly gets to Peyon before the handoff. The blocks from Diem and Pollak where good enough. Saturday gets downfield and takes a linebacker out, but the play is made behind him.
  • 2nd-8 Quick pass incomplete to Marvin. Peyton had more time than he needed for a quickslant.
  • 3rd-8 Pass. Charlie Johnson driven straight back at the snap, but stays engaged long enough for Peyton to get pressured by a man left unblocked from the right. Two rushers on the outside right, they cross. Diem stays on the man that lined up inside, leaving Clark to get around the two of them to take the unblocked Bart Scott who hits Peyton as he completes to Wayne for a first down.
  • 1st-10 Pass. Charlie Johnson and Jamey Richard are beaten badly by the NT. The NT is past both of them, each one reaches out an arm in front of him and slow him down until Peyton can hit Marvin deep for a TD. Jamey falls on top of the NT as Peyton releases.

Drive 3

  • 1st-10 Stretch to Dom. Well blocked by all. Gain of 6
  • 2nd-4 Pass. Great pocket. Complete for 1st down. No pressure at all on Peyton.
  • 1st-10 Run. Pollak pulls but can't take out the OLB who had gotten into the backfield. Great block by CJ with a second push to clear a hole. Good blocks by Richard and Saturday.
  • 2nd-11 Charlie Johnson stops the first move then turns and him and Dom block each other leaving  both their men unblocked. Peyton was alreadly rolling right and completes to Wayne. Good blocks by Diem and Saturday.  Richard got driven back, but held his block long enough. Pollak didn't have anyone to block.
  • 1st-10 Run up the middle. Well blocked but Jamey Richard gets to the second level and doesn't really block anyone their. Blitzing slot CB takes Dom down for a 3 yard gain. Reggie's man, but he started inside before the snap, so Reggie didn't have much of a shot at him.
  • 2nd-7 Good intial pocket. LE eventually forces his way between Diem and Robinson to apply pressure. Peyton hits Gonzo for 6 yards.
  • 3rd-1 Line gets a good first push, but Saturday's man sheds him and hits Hart in the backfield. Hart spins and pushed out of it, breaks 3 more tackles and gets the first down. Great block from Richard, CJ his block after the first hit on Hart, allowing one of the attempted tackles tackles afterwards.
  • 1st-10 Run up the middle. Solid blocks by Diem and Saturday. Pollak and Richard get to the second level, but block players on the outside leaving the ILBs and a stunting OLB to stop Dom for no gain.
  • 2nd-10 Great Pass blocking. It wasn't even a pocket the tackles didn't give any ground at all. Just a solid line. Peyton has all day and just misses Marvin high between the corner and safety.
  • 3rd-10 Ravens bring the heat. Everyone gets a solid block including Dom taking a LB blitzing up the middle. Peyton goes over the top to Wayne for a TD.

Drive 4

  • 1st-10 Play action deep to Wayne, incomplete. Diem driven back hard, but stays on the block.
  • 2nd-10 Draw. Pollak runs past LE to go to the second level, leaving him for Diem. Diem gets beat inside by the end who hits Dom in the backfield. Diem turns and says something to Pollak as Dom slips the tackle and turns it into a short gain.
  • 3rd-8 Pass. Gijon Robinson driven back toward Peyton very fast by Terrell Suggs. Diem also being pushed back. Peyton hits Gonzo short of the 1st down.

Dwight Freeney was limited with a hamstring issue and gave up some of his snaps to Josh Thomas. What portion of the snaps did each DE take and how effective were they?

Drive 1

  • Starting DL is Brock at LE, Eric Foster at NT, Keyunta Dawson at UT, Josh Thomas at RE. (Yes, both DEs are bigger than the DTs)
  • 1st-10 Josh Thomas in. Run up the middle. Thomas is driven back forming the hole for the run. He tries to spin off the block, but is unsuccessful. Jared Gaither takes him totally out of the play. Gain of 3.
  • 2nd-7 Thomas in. Thomas popped at the snap by Lorenzo Neal then sealed off by Gaither. Flacco rolls away from Thomas' side. Throws the ball away.
  • 3rd-7 Freeney in. At the snap Freeney steps back and runs all the way around the right end of the Ravens OL. He gets in Flacco's face nearly taking the ball out of his hands, but he misses and Flacco throws. Tipped by Jennings, picked by Bullitt. Gaither is called for a hold on Dawson.

Drive 2

  • 1-10 Thomas in. Run away from Thomas. Thomas sheds is block and moves along the line of scrimmage towards the play. Thomas jumps over a downed Raven. McGahee cuts back and is outside of Thomas before he hits the ground. Jennings tackles for 5 yard gain.
  • 2nd-5 Thomas in. Run away from Thomas. Thomas sheds is block and moves along the line of scrimmage towards the play.  Playside LBs make the tackle for no gain, but Thomas was going to get there quickly if they hadn't.
  • 3rd-5 Freeney in. Outside rush then spins inside. Freeney has Gaither beat, but the left guard is there waiting to pick up Freeney inches from the QB. Pass thrown away.
  • Punt

Drive 3

  • 1st-10  Thomas in. Pass. Thomas tripled teamed by both OTs and a FB (unbalanced line). Gets nowhere. Brock gets the sack.
  • 2nd-17 Thomas in. Quick pass for 6 yards.
  • 3rd-11 Freeney in. Fumbled handoff on a draw. Freeney waaaaay upfield thanks to a outside rush and good shove by Gaither.

Drive 4

  • 1-10 Thomas in. Pass. Pushes Gaither back but doesn't apply any real pressure. Complete for a gain of 6.
  • 2-4 Thomas in. Pass. Screen to McClain. Thomas is unblocked and makes Flacco put it over him. He's tall and got his hands up. McClain fumbles into Keiaho's hands.