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Things I learned week 6

I have lots of random football thoughts and pick up lots of tidbits. Some I expand on, some I express as is, but a lot I just forget about. Instead of losing those, I'm going share them. Here's this weeks.

1. Clint Session's last name does not end in a "s"

2. Antonie Bethea's name is pronounced Beh-THAY

3. Curtis Johnson is bigger than Robert Mathis

4. Marvin Harrison still has all his steps and then some.

5. Charlie Johnson sucks significantly less than last year.

6. Even the really terrible NFL teams get paid (STL 19, WAS 17  :  MIN 12, DET 10  :  CLE 35, NYG 14)

7. I'm still not much better at picking winners that against the spread. 9-5 in both.

8. The NFC east is overrated. One loss to a bad team is a fluke. Two prompts questions. Three is strong evidence. Three and the 4th struggling is proof.