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NFL Trade Deadline Today: Will Anything Happen?

With the sort-of news that LT Tony Ugoh has been benched, maybe the Colts will make a trade for a LT rather than a DT.

Yes, bad joke. I know.

In any case, today is the trading deadline. Barring any kind of miracle, late minute offer, the Colts will likely not trade for a DT. After shutting down Baltimore's running attack this past weekend, the Colts might feel more confident in their current bunch. Tony Dungy stated in his Monday press conference that the Colts would explore options, but trading for (or signing) someone who does not know their system is unlikely. This coupled with the shaky injury status of the RB position makes a trade for a DT even more unlikely.

Maybe next week, at Green Bay, we may get our first look at DT Daniel Muir. We will likely get SAM LBer Tyjuan Hagler back from the PUP, which should go a long way to shoring up the run D even more. Clint Session played well at SAM against Baltimore, but he has not been consistent.