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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football Standings, Week 6

We are now almost half way through the regular season in Fantasy Football, so it is time for the mid-season update on the Stampede Blue Fantasy Football League.  I have started the season 5-1, thanks in large part to Reggie Wayne, Brandon Jacobs, and Marshawn Lynch.  I also want to pat myself on the back for the great Waiver Wire pickup of Jason Elam this past week, getting me 5 FGS on my way to victory.

Speaking of this past week, I mentioned in the Game Thread, I played BBS this week.  His team name is "The Peyton Manning Experience", and his first pick, which he was overjoyed to select, was Peyton Manning himself.  Guess what:  BBS didn't play Peyton Manning this week, in lieu of Aaron Rodgers.  Now Rodgers had a pretty good week himself this week, but not quite what Peyton did, outscoring Rodgers 33.35 to 30.7.  The irony?  I won this week 102 - 100.4.  I'd like to thank BBS for not playing Manning, and I was openly cheering for him to throw 6 TDs, since he was riding comfortably on my opponent's bench.

Here are the current standings after Week 6.  The Eli Division is by far the best in the league, going 4-0 last week.  The Cooper Division is struggling, but are looking to bounce back next week.


The other 5-1 team with me is "The Addai-less Agenda".  By a quirk in the scheduling, my team will not be playing against BlueVol03 during the regular season.  His team is damn good though, so I'm glad I don't have to (he's riding the Clinton Portis train, which has been fantastic this season).

My other fantasy league I play in I am 6-0, and am in great position.  Peterson has struggled lately, but others have been great, namely Portis and the Eagles defense.  I'm hoping Brad Johnson can find TO more than Romo has lately too.  Also, with last night as the exception, Eli has been very good.  I expect him to not have many nights like that again this season.