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New McPoll Regarding McCargo

So, what do you think of this trade?

[UPDATE]: From WABillsfan at Buffalo Rumblings:

Physically gifted, emotionally lacking is the best way I can descirbe it BigBlue

[McCargo] has all the physical skills, and seems to have a knack for breaking the double team and getting into the backfield, he has done it on ocassion for us, but not consistently.

I think he suffers from lack of a mean streak/aggressiveness, it may be due to the fact that he was always more physically talented than his opposition in HS and then College, and he never had to develop that mean streak and motor needed at the Pro level. He can play well for stretches, but he is very inconsistent and can disappear for a (sometimes long) while.

Williams who was our 5th round pick that season beat him out for the job, I think, on sheer motor and nastiness, Kyle likes to hit people and make them hurt. I think John just lacks that mindset, and just isn’t relentless enough. It may end up being that John just needed a change of scenery to reach his potential, then again it may not do a thing.

You’ll see him make some plays that will drop your jaws, you’ll see some plays that leave you scratching your heads, and the rest of the time, sadly, you won’t even notice him on the field.