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Peyton reminds league he is the best: Honored as AFC Offensive Player of the Week

The NFL is littered with some excellent QBs, and this year there has been some amazing QB play to start the season. From a healthy Donovan McNabb to the fast rise of Matt Ryan to the MVP-like play of Drew Brees to the emerging star that is Jay Cutler, the play of the QBs this season has almost made everyone forget that last year's MVP (QB Tom Brady) is not playing anymore this year.

But as impressive as many of these QBs have been to start 2008, they still pale in comparison to the legend that is Peyton Manning.

Per usual, some people do not like this. They look for that quick flash-in-the-pan performance, suggesting that Person X is now the best QB in football because he threw for a bunch of yards against the Bengals, or some junk. They are quick to make snap judgments based on... well, nothing but blind stupidity, if you really think about it. A week ago, we had some nutsack at ESPN actually say Eli Manning was better than Peyton. Where is that douche today? Oh yeah, ESPN is stay paying him. Suckers.

While most of us here very much like Eli (and some argue he is now a top 5 QB), the day Eli wins two league MVPs, throws 49 TDs in one season, and sets the single season passer rating record, nutsacks at ESPN can say he might be better than Peyton. Since that is unlikely to happen, suggesting it alone is douchebaggery defined.

It is made even more silly by the fact that Peyton Manning was just honored as your AFC Offensive Player of the Week after he dismantled the #1 defense in the NFL this past Sunday, throwing for 271 yards and 3 TDs. This from the guy who was supposedly done, or lost his touch, or playing on a broken team.

Sorry Manning haters, but Peyton Manning is still the best QB in this league. Just how it is. Deal.