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Why I am not an NFL General Manager

Back in 2006, I wrote this about Marv Levy's first draft as GM of the Buffalo Bills:

Buffalo: F

Why, in God's name, does Buffalo trade up in the Draft to get DT John McCargo, a guy NO ONE projected as a first rounder? They also really reached on safety Donte Whitner as well. They obviously wanted Huff, and didn't think Oakland would take him at pick number 7. Buffalo could have moved up and taken Whitner at 26, and taken someone like MATT LEINART at pick number 8. J.P. Losman is terrible, and will never be a pro-level QB. Why pass up a guy like Leinart? Marv Levy was terrible yesterday.

Let this be a lesson to all of you: Never let me play franchise mode on Madden, let alone draft for a pro caliber organization.