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A Mike Florio guest post (not really)

Our sources (which are so shakey that we will not name them for fear of the story losing all credibility) tell us that Quinn Pitcock is flying to Indy today.

The Colts have yet to announce a signing to fill the roster spot cleared for John McCargo. Could Quinn Pitcock have had a change of heart and come back to play football for the Colts? (probably not, but that's never stopped us before).

A third-round draft pick in 2007 out of Ohio State, Pitcock was known in college as a relentless worker and team leader, but for whatever reason, he never seemed to want to play pro football.  Last year he took his time before finally signing his rookie contract, apparently because he was ambivalent about playing in the NFL at all.

(Jump for how tenuous the source actually is)

New Era Scouting's Luke Paul Chandler told me that Quinn Pitcock's facebook page says he's flying into Indy.

That's it. Don't expect this to happen.