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This is why re-signing Dom Rhodes was big

Before I get into the main topic, John Clayton (through a Rotoworld link) is reporting that Buffalo may cut John McCargo after all even though he practiced yesterday. If he is cut, clears waives, and the Colts end up signing him, there is absolutely nothing wrong, sketchy, or shady about that. Right now (if there was no trade deadline), Buffalo couldn't trade John McCargo for a stack of nudie mags and some bubble gum. He is as close to worthless as a player can get. And though his back injury doesn't seem to prevent hm for practicing in Buffalo, you'd have to be an utter buffoon (or Al Davis) to trade a 4th round pick (or any pick) for a guy whose injury could go from bad to worse at the drop of a hat. This doesn't affect Buffalo much because he is riding their bench. But to the other team potentially acquiring McCargo, it would be like paying top dollar for a brand new car only to find out that there is no engine under the hood.

So, if the Colts get McCargo for peanuts, I am a-okay with that. He failed a routine physical. It was not the physical that diminished his value. His injury did that. All the physical did was reveal the injury. The Colts dodged a bullet with Buffalo on this. In any case, if McCargo is cut and clears I doubt Indy will sign him. The Colts do not sign players that fail routine physicals. It seems they will add another DT sometime soon, according to ESPN reports. As for McCargo, maybe Tennessee will pick him up if he is cut. All you have to do to pass one of their joke physicals is breath.

Now, to the topic at hand: Lovin' some Dom.

Dominic Rhodes is not a perfect guy. He has made some dumb decisions in the past, but despite his mistakes I have never felt that Dom's heart is in the wrong place. Dom loves football. He loves running, catching, and blocking for his QB. He does everything the coaches ask, and he is always one of the most popular guys in any locker room. If you really step back and look at Dom's career, it is truly remarkable. Undrafted out of a very small Texas school, Dom has carved out a strong career as both a reserve and starting RB in this league. He had an MVP-like performance in Super Bowl 41, and he pummeled the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional rond of the playoffs in 2006.

Dom is just one of those special, unsung guys all championship caliber teams need to have. Like New England's Kevin Faulk or the New York Giants' Amani Toomer, Dom does all the little things a team needs to win. This week, he will start at RB for the first time in two years because of a hamstring injury to Joseph Addai and a season-ending injury to rookie Mike Hart. It is because of games like this that re-signing Dom this past off-season was a coup. Was it a headline grabber? No. But could it be the difference between winning and losing for the Colts? Looks that way.

Last week, Dom was the only healthy RB the Colts had in the second half against Baltimore. He ran very well against a stout Ravens defense, and was especially good at blitz pick-up in the passing game. The team fed off his contagious energy, and if Dom gets a strong start this weekend at Green Bay, the entire Colts team will respond. With the offensive line gelling (and getting healthy), and with Green Bay's problems stopping the run this year (surrendering 5 yards a carry and more yards than even the Colts defense) Dominc Rhodes should have a strong day running; we hope.

Backing up Dom are newly re-signed backs Clifton Dawson and Chad Simpson. Both were in training camp, with Simpson signed off the practice squad. Dawson is a solid back who would have made the team if not for Mike Hart. He was Indy's third back last season. Simpson can field kick-offs in a pinch if needed.

So, despite Addai and Hart getting hurt, the backs are still solid right now, and a big reason for that is the solid play of Dom Rhodes, a real NFL success story.