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Week 7 picks

Picks and record are picking winners. The against the spread contest (which I'm winning) is mgrex03's project.

Week 1: 10-6, Week 2: 10-5, Week 3: 11-5, Week 4: 6-7, Week 5: 9-5  Week 6: 9-5,

Total 55-33 (62.5%)

Another solid week moves me up into a tie for 4th (of 20) in Mgrex03's list of experts picking winners.


(a bit late this week, so using the jump to keep the injury report from being knocked way down).

Bills over Chargers, The Chargers just crushed the Pats and the Bills were last seen getting stomped by the Cardinals. So why an I on the Bills? Because J.P. Losman is not Trent Edwards and the Cardinals are not the Cardinals, as shown by their upset of the Cowboys and #6 DVOA rating.

Panthers over Saints, same deal as above. Saints looked good last week, Panthers look awful. The Saints played the Raiders. The Panthers played the very good Bucs (no longer turnover prone do to the return of Gay Zorro)

Bears over Vikings, Adrian Peterson has been contained over the last 4 weeks after a good start to the year. Only two of those 4 were against good run Ds. The Bears are a better run D than any the Vikings have faced so far.

Steelers over Bengals, it's week 7 and Bengals fans are dreaming of Micheal Oher or Andre Smith.

Titans over Cheifs, The Cheifs were a long shot with Larry Johnson, now they suspended him.

Ravens over Dolphins, Texans>Dolphins, Ravens>Texans, so Ravens>Dolphins.

I'm so disappointed I didn't find this last week. (Thanks KSK)

Ray of Light (Ray Lewis) (via lol01233210)


Giants over Niners, The Giants are still a good team, they just had a bad game (especially Eli).

Cowboys over Rams, Tony Romo wants to play with the broken pinky. He was turnover prone with a uninjured throwing hand. I'll be watching for some fumblicious comedy if Romo plays.

Texans over Lions, Just in case everyone hasn't seen it:

Dan Orlovsky Safety "Dumbest QB Ever!!" Lions vs. Vikings (via BlackSportsOnline99)


Colts over Packers. The Colts get another team missing more starters. The return to the top continues.

Raiders over Jets. No one challeges Nnamdi Asomugha. No one. Except for maybe an aging gunslinger and it'll be a bad idea when he does.

Redskins over Browns, the NFC East was overrated, that doesn't mean that all four teams aren't very good.

Bucs over Seahawks, Seattle has just been a disaster this year, while the Bucs are who we thought they were, very good, but not great and suffering because of Gruden's QB ADD.

Pats over Broncos, I'm sure you all remember how the last team Simmons said was done faired.