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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts: Week 7

Editor's Note:  Be sure to get your picks in for the Stampede Blue Prediction Contest.  You have until 1:00 ET on SundayGet your picks in sooner rather than later.

Welcome to Week 7 of your Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts.  I'll review last week before going into this week's studs and duds. 


  • Matt Cassel:  203 yds passing, 0 TD / 1 INT, 29 yds rush = 8 pts.  Cassel still can't find the deep ball to Moss, and failed a couple times in this game as well.  He was less than 10 yards / completion, which is never good.  Not a good pick here.
  • Chris Perry:  14 yds rush, 2 catches, 2 yards = 1 pts.  I even picked up Perry in the Stampede Blue FFL, to prove I'm not just throwing these predictions out with no meaning.  I suffered the consequences (but still beat BBS).
  • Bernard Berrian:  5 catches, 131 yards 1 TD = 19 pts.  Thanks to an 86 yard TD catch and run, Berrian had a big week.  I gleefully played him last week in my other league, and won easily.  Gus Frerotte has been great for him.


  • Eli Manning: 196 yds passing, 1 TD/3 INT = 7 pts.  Cleveland's defense has quietly been putting up a solid year, especially against opposing team's quarterbacks.  Eli did not look good on Monday night.
  • Steven Jackson: 79 yds rushing, 0 TD, 32 receiving, 1 Fumble = 8 pts. I've never been impressed with Steven Jackson, even though the Rams did pick up their first win of the year, thanks to the Redskins not being able to hold on to the football.  You might see Jackson's name show up again this week...
  • Reggie Wayne: 8 catches, 118 yards, 1 TD = 17 pts.  Reverse jinx strikes again!  I was gladly wrong on this one, as Wayne, along with everyone else on the Colts offense, was awesome last week.

My bonus pick of Gus Frerotte also worked out ok, 296 yds passing 1 TD / 1 INT, so I'll give myself a 1/2 point.

So I was 3.5 / 7 last week, and 23/40 for the season. There are 4 teams on bye this week, so make sure to take them out of your lineup (ARI, ATL, JAX, PHI).  Here are you fantasy nuggets for Week 6:


  • Trent Edwards vs. SD:  I'll go to the same well as last week, picking against the Chargers Pass defense.  Edwards is coming of a concussion 2 weeks ago, but all signs lead to him playing this week.  The Chargers are coming across the country to play as well, making Edwards a good play. 
  • Chris Johnson vs. KC: The Chiefs are last in the league against RB this season, and the Titans won't throw more than 15 times all day.  We all liked him here for a reason.  He'll show it this week.
  • Brandon Marshall vs. NE:  The fact that Vincent Jackson burned the Patriots multiple times last week makes me think Marshall is going to do the same on Monday Night.  The Broncos will be throwing a lot against a weak secondary, making Marshall a good play this week.


  • Drew Brees vs. CAR: The Panthers are #3 in the league against the QB, and they are a much better team at home than on the road.  Expect a sub-par game from Brees, even with all his weapons returning from injury.
  • Steven Jackson  vs. DAL:  I told you we'd be seeing him again this week.  The Cowboys are very good against the run, and they have a limited secondary.  Expect a lot of passing from the Rams, and very little Jackson running the ball.
  • Braylon Edwards vs. WAS: Edwards had a big week last week, but I'm thinking it won't happen two weeks in a row, especially against a good secondary in Washington.  The Browns are dead last in WR points this season.

Bonus pick:  Matt Schaub vs. DET.  Big week coming for the Texans QB.

Weekly Derek Anderson "bust" pick:  Anderson finally had a good week, going 310 yards, 2 TD / 0 INT.  Against the Giants no less too.  I'm betting on a bounce back to being bad this week at the Redskins.