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Week 5 Picks

Picks and record are straight up. The against the spread contest (which I'm winning) is mgrex03's project.

Week 1: 10-6, Week 2: 10-5, Week 3 11-5, Week 4 6-7 (ouch) total 37-23 (61.7%)

Ravens over Titans, The Titans are very good, but the bad analysts are starting to slobber all over them, which means a fall is coming. The Ravens dominated the Steelers for 59 minutes and 45 seconds of that game, but two lapses are all it takes to change a game.

Panthers over Chiefs, with a competant QB like Huard the Cheifs aren't the awful team we saw the first 3 weeks, but they still aren't good.

Bears over Lions, How much longer can an offense QBed by Kyle Orton, with Brandon Lloyd as it's #1 WR and a bad OL keep it's team in games? Definately through their game against the worst defense FO has ever recorded through the first 4 weeks.

Packers over Falcons, I called Brian Brohm as the top QB in the 2008 class and now he's sitting behind 7th round rookie Matt Flynn. If Matt Ryan wasn't playing awful against legit defenses I would feel really dumb.

Colts over Texans, Lets see what a healthy Colts team can do. I'm excited, even though I might be on the wrong edge of the KC-CAR, IND-HOU border.

Chargers over Dolphins, the Dolphins knocked off the Pats, but they've been surprising good Pats teams while still being terrible for a while.

Giants over Seahawks, the Seahawks are showing what we saw last year, even a good QB drops off with scrub WRs in the lineup.

Eagles over Redskins, the Eagles don't have enough weapons to go without Westbrook, if he isn't back I lose most of my confidence in this pick.

Broncos over Bucs, the Bucs are good, but they aren't going to beat top teams with Griese throwing 3 picks a game.

Bills over Cardinals, I can't see how the Cards are favored, I didn't think this one was close. FO doesn't have the teams anywhere close, but the people who set the lines get paid for a reason so I don't know what to make of this one.

Cowboys over Bengals, I won't give 17 on this game, but I'm more than comfortable picking them straight up.

Pats over Niners, The Pats can't be worse than the Niners can they? I'm not sure if I like a world where the Pats are just mediocre. They need to be the evil empire or a laughingstock at this point. They can't go back to being just another team for me.

Steelers over Jags, Not sure what to make of this one so I'll defer to FO on the pick and KSK on the commentary    PS: (HARF, HARF, HARF)

Vikings over Saints, the Vikings are the SB contender many predicted but with a slight upgarde at QB they'll win some games.