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Bill Simmons doesn't even know the Pats

From Simmons' podcast today

How did you like our RB with four first names and that's his entire name, BenJarvus Green-Hayes?

His name is BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and I've never met someone with the first name Green. Whatever he screwed up the name of a undrafted rookie and exaggerated a little. It happens.

The weird part is the two middle names, Jarvus Green, is the guy we had that died last year.

Actually Bill, Jarvis Green is alive and well. He started 10 games for you last year and had 6.5 sacks. He's started a game this year too. The guy you were thinking of is Marquis Hill.

Please stick to basketball, baseball and pop culture Simmons, you are much better at it (or I don't know enough to realize you are an idiot there too). At this point I'm just putting up with the football stuff with him because I can hit a bunch of picks by going against what he thinks about teams.