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Thursday Injury Report (week 8)

Phil B knows what happened.

You've gotta love the NFL system. The Colts, per league policy, had to put out an injury report on Wednesday, although the team didn't practice. So they estimated what would have happened if the team did practice. Pretty silly, huh? So I'm sure the site had to change what was initially planned, an injury report Thursday through Saturday. The NFL requires a report from Wednesday through Friday with a prognosis at the end, out, doubtful, questionable and probable. So the Colts complied. A real head-scratcher, huh?

So the actual post practice injury report is:

Missed Practice: Addai (hamstring), Roy Hall (knee), Kelvin Hayden (knee), Bob Sanders (knee), Marlin Jackson (shoulder), Daniel Muir (illness)

Day Off: Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis

Back at Practice: Gijon Robinson, Freddy Keiaho

Their Wednesday guesses add the possibility that Addai would do some work and that they expected Marlin Jackson and Dan Muir to be fine.