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Where are they now? (ex-2008 Colts)

Lots of players bounce on and off NFL rosters between the openning of preseason through the end of the playoffs. Most are non-descript roster filler, but some make an impression to the fans and manage to catch on somewhere else. Here are a few of those guys and where they have found their ways to.

Quinn Gray, Gray was a legitimate candidate for the Colts backup spot until he self destructed in the final two preseason games, first throwing 4 picks in only 16 attempts then completing only 3 of 12 in the preseason finale.

Where is he now? Gray remained unsigned until yesterday when he was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs. He is 3rd on the depth chart behind Tyler Thigpen and Ingle Martin.

Jared Lorenzen, The Pillsbury Throwboy was the other challenger to Jim Sorgi's throne. Unfortunately the Hefty Lefty never looked to be the best option at QB, and the Colts sent He Ate Me packing after the preseason. J-Load did provide plenty of comic relief.

Where is he now? The Round Mound of Touchdown has not been picked up by any NFL team since the Colts cut ties with the Abominable Throwman. In case you are wondering why I included Battleship Lorenzen even though his NFL career is likely over, it was for the nicknames.

Courtney Roby, A Indiana Alum Roby was a favorite of the Hoosier contingent here. Roby returned kickoffs for the Colts until they no longer had the roster space for a dedicated kickoff returner.

Where is he now? Roby signed with the Saints a week ago and is currently a 3rd string WR. No word on whether Reggie Bush's injury will push him into a kick return role.

Justin Forsett, Another dedicated returner who was a fan favorite. Forsett was good, but not spectacular returning kicks for the Colts and was cut when the Colts became tight on roster space do to injuries.

Where is he now? Forsett signed back onto the Seattle practice squad after being cut and was later promoted to the active roster, likely to prevent the Colts from signing him after Addai and Hart's injuries. He returns punts and is the 4th string RB.

Brandon Condren, a surprise cut, though with how Melvin Bullit has played you can score another one for the Colts FO.

Where is he now? Condren signed with the Rams, stayed there for a few weeks, then was cut. He is now with the Miami Dolphins.