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#18 + Monday Night = Victories


Peyton Manning owns Monday Night.  He is 9-2 all time, including winning his past 7 appearances on ABC/ESPN.  Included in this list of 7 games are:

Here is a summary of Manning's stats on Monday night.  Pretty damn impressive, if you ask me:

Comp Att Yards TD INT Yds/Att Comp% Rating
Total 261 383 3000 23 10 7.8 68.1 111.1
Average 23.7 34.8 272.7 2.1 0.9

A couple other tidbits about Monday Night:

  • The last time these two franchises played on Monday Night was Nov. 1, 1976, when the Houston Oilers played at the Baltimore Colts (The Colts won 38-14). 
  • The Titans played 2 MNF games last season, winning in New Orleans, and losing in Denver.  This is the only MNF appearance for both teams in 2008.
  • The Titans haven't hosted a MNF game since Dec. 13, 2004, where they lost a defensive struggle 49-38 to the Chiefs.  Billy Volek threw for 426 yards in the loss.  I assumed this was a career for him, and it was, for 6 days, when he threw for 492, losing to Oakland.  I'm thinking Titan fans like their RB situation much better now than they did in '04.
  • The last 2 seasons, the largest margin of victory between the two teams is 6 points, in Week 17 last year, when the Colts played 2nd and 3rd stringers for 3/4 of the game.  The other 3 games were decided by 2, 1, and 3 points.  I fully expect a similar result this Monday night.