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Know Your Colts History: Random Thoughts

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Obviously, this week's game versus the Titans is huge.  Division implications huge.  Getting over .500 huge.  Having a chance to take down the last remaining undefeated team huge.  The difference between being 4 games back without a tiebreaker or being 2 games back with the tiebreaker huge. 

A game as huge as this provokes a lot of thought, but at least for yours truly, I don't have one major thought for this week.  Rather than trying to pluck one of the many small thoughts out of my head and trying to make something out of it, I'm just going to give you all my random thoughts for this week.

  • Why does everyone keep saying the Colts are built to play with the lead?  Last time I checked, they've won more games by lulling their opponents into double-digit leads than they have by taking the lead early and never giving it up.  The only two games that the Colts started with touchdowns on their opening drive this season they ended up losing.  I'm almost tempted to say we should spot the Titans 10 points just so we can have a better chance to win, but that would be mighty crazy and I'm just a notch below that kind of craziness.
  • A few weeks ago, I got to see the Titans take on the Ravens (in between frequent checks on NFL Game Center to see how the Colts were doing) and what I saw was a dominant defense on display.  They reminded me a lot of those Raven defenses from early in the decade.  Tough, physical, fast, and very emotional.  Occasionally, that emotion works against them, but it's not like the Colts should go in there looking for ways to get the Titans to use their emotion the wrong way.  And even if they could, I don't think Pierre wants to get any more packages, so don't count on that being a factor on Monday.
  • When you type in "Colts Titans" in Google's photo search, this is the first photo to pop up:
  • Capt_aa086a32a50640829248dde00b4c3ac0_colts_titans_football_tnmh104_medium

Now, I'm sure there a very valid reason for whatever Marvin is doing in the background, but it sure looks like he's practicing for a career in Broadway, or in the pointing industry.

  • If I could describe rookie running back Chris Johnson in a word, it would be "scary".  If I could describe Chris Henry in a word, it would be "scared".
  • Did anyone else know that Adam Vinatieri is a third cousin of Evel Knievel?  I don't know about you guys, but that explains a lot for me.
  • I know there's a lot of talk about how the Titans haven't faced a lot of quality opponents yet, but let's not forget when the the Colts started out 13-0 in 2005, the combined record of their opponents through the first six weeks was only 15-23.  In a topsy-turvy season like this, there's something to be said for just going out and beating the teams on your schedule, regardless of how good they are or aren't.
  • In the time that it took to write this post, Tim Jennings has been flagged 14 times.