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Tony Dungy: Great week of practice

Monday night's game in Tennessee is a big one, as far as regular season games go. If Tennessee wants to put their stamp on the AFC South, they must finish off the Colts Monday. If they don't, and the Colts win, the Titans will allow Indy to hang around, making the last game of the regular season (Titans at Colts) a potential division-determining game.

Despite last Sunday's crap fest in Green Bay, the Colts have gotten healthier and better. This is a much better squad than the one that pissed away the opener against the Bears and barely got a win in Week Two. And typical of a Dungy coached team, the Colts have bounced back from that horrid loss in Green Bay to have a very strong week of practice.

Dungy, in his seventh season as the Colts head coach, said on Friday afternoon as the Colts continued to prepare for Monday’s AFC South showdown against the Tennessee Titans that the team has had a productive, focused week of practice.

And with reason, Dungy said.

"I think it (the team) has been focused and dialed in," Dungy said as the Colts (3-3), the five-time defending AFC South champions, prepared to play division-leading Tennessee (6-0) at LP Field in Nashville, Tenn., Monday at 8:30 p.m.

"You watch the tape and realize you’re going to play a good opponent. They’re playing extremely well and very consistently. You’re going to their place and it’s going to be the same type of atmosphere as we had in Green Bay (where the Colts lost, 34-14, last Sunday).

"I think we’ve got that focus we need and we’re ready for a tough game."

Nice info to hear from Tony D. The Colts will have to play smart, consistent football to have a chance at Tennessee. Again, I don't say this lightly (because despite what Titans fans think, I respect their team), but the Colts are going to go into Tennessee and kick the Titans' butts. Both teams are very well coached and highly motivated to win, but I will still maintain that the Colts are, quite simply, better than the Titans.

Monday night, they will get to prove it, and I will either look like a genius or have to eat my shoe. Hey, if you are going to be right or wrong, might as well be spectacularly right or wrong.