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Colts LBer Naivote Taulawakeiaho

I'll bet you didn't know the Colts have a guy named Naivote Taulawakeiaho on the roster. He doesn't appear on the depth chart under his given name though, but he is there. Naivote Taulawakeiaho takes football very seriously, and plays with a passion that is rare in professional sports. He played at a collegiate school that did more losing than winning, and after every loss, Naivote Taulawakeiaho would sit in his locker, boiling inside.

So, who is Naivote Taulawakeiaho? Well, you know him by his American name. Freddie:

He’s also becoming known for the passion that he brings to each and every practice and game. This is a guy that hates to lose. [Freddie] Keiaho — his given name is Naivote Taulawakeiaho — was that way in college. And he has brought that emotional style to the Colts.

In the wake of last week’s 34-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the 5-foot-11, 226-pound native of Suva, Fiji (he’s the only Fijian-born player in the NFL) was one of the last players to leave the Indianapolis locker room. He sat in front of his cubicle long after the game was over, still in uniform, fuming about the way the Colts had lost.

As a collegiate senior, his San Diego State team struggled to get wins. It ate him up.

“I’m crying in the locker room after every loss,” Keiaho told a writer from the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s really emotional for me, because I put so much effort into everything I do. And to not get the return I want, it hurts.

Read the whole article for a telling look into Freddie Keiaho's desire to win. Of course, it was written by the Tribune Star.