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Key game scores for Sunday: Week 8

As you can see, more "marquee" teams lost today to teams they were supposed to beat. Buffalo laid an egg against Miami. The Jacksonville Jaguars lost at home to the Cleveland Browns, and if not for the fact that they play in an awful division, the San Diego Chargers would be dead and gone after losing today in London, England to the New Orleans Saints.

So, as we have said all season, there really are no marquee teams this year, with the possible exception of the Titans and certainly the defending champs (who bumped off the Steelers in Pittsburgh). With the Jaguars, Chargers, and Bills losing, the Colts have an excellent opportunity to get back on the map Monday night. However, the task is not easy: Beating the Titans in Tennessee.

But, as we have maintained all season Colts fans, our team is very good. They have just had some bad brakes. Despite the bad breaks, the injuries, and the craziness that has overcome this league in 2008, the Colts have continued to slug away. Tomorrow night, they have a chance to make some of that early season hard work pay off. We will see.