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PFW: Colts may cut Marvin at the end of 2008 season

From Pro Football Weekly:

There’s a growing sentiment around Indianapolis that WR Marvin Harrison will be given his walking papers in the offseason. The Colts’ perennial Pro Bowler simply hasn’t been the same explosive force since coming back from his bursa sac (knee) problems of 2007, and we hear the club will be reluctant to shell out the more than $13 million he’s due in 2009. Also, the pending litigation over his alleged involvement in an April shooting in his hometown of Philadelphia could prove embarrassing to the organization. The problem with cutting him is the Colts’ lack of an established third receiver who could be plugged into coordinator Tom Moore’s spread offense.

Again, everything I and the Zombie Bros have seen tells us that Marvin Harrison hasn't lost anything. At 36, he is still that fast. He is fast out of his breaks, runs great routes, and unless you blindly ignored him burning Chris McAllister a few weeks ago, you know he still has serious speed.

So, I just don't know where this "He's done" talk comes from. And how could a bogus lawsuit from a convicted felon who refused to cooperate with police "embarrass the organization?" This is nothing but silliness, and a bit surprising from PFW. I'd expect this kind of stuff from PFT.