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Week Eight: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans- Open Thread

Indianapolis Colts (3-3) at Tennessee Titans (6-0)


Week Two: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
Location: LP Field- Nashville, TN
Kick-off Time: 8:30pm Eastern
Broadcast: ESPNSB Nation Co-Blog: Music City Miracles
Well, here we are. This will probably be the game of the week, and I imagine we will have several open threads as the game progresses. We site authors will do our best to keep up by slapping up some more open threads. We've done our preview and talked all week. Now it is time to just watch and enjoy the game. More so than any other regular season game thus far, this one seems to have the hype of a playoff game. That is a compliment to both teams.
As always, we hope for a clean, fun game. If trolls happen to wiggle their way into our open thread, no sweat. Just don't feed them. Regardless of whether we blow them out, they blow us out, or it is a nail-biter down to the wire, it is important to treat others with class (even if they sometimes don't deserve it). I'm as guilty as anyone for forgetting this, and part of the reason I write it now is to remind myself. I also have to remind myself that, regardless of this game's outcome, this is a long season. This division will not be decided tonight, regardless of who wins or how they win. If this season is showing us anything, we should expect the unexpected, and nothing is what it seems.
Enjoy the game all. Oh, and before I forget... Go Colts!