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Quick Recap: Titans 31-Colts 21

Give credit to the Titans: They won in a game they were favored to win in their house. Is this division "wrapped up?" No, not even close. The narrative is that the AFC South is Tennessee's and that the rest of the regular season is simply a formality. Like all premature narratives, this is false. There are still 8 weeks of football, and a lot can happen between then and now.

For the Colts, it is the same old, same old: Tipped passes resulting in INTs, dropped interceptions by the defense, and some bad run blocking on short yardage. This masks the solid job the defense did in utterly stoning of LenDale White (10 carries, 13 yards), Chris Johnson, and the Titans offense. Both White and Johnson were completely shut down most of the game, and it was not until the Colts offense started turning the ball over that they started to become relevant.

The disappointment is the offense. Too many wasted opportunities and dumb mistakes.

So, our team is 3-4, and is staring mediocrity in the face. Will they get a chance to beat the Titans again? Yes. But this team has a long way to go before they can start thinking about playoffs. Too much inconsistency. Too many mistakes. The hope is that it is all correctable, despite what morons, idiots, and employees of ESPN think of say. 8 weeks of football.

Have a little faith. Long way to go. Go Colts.