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Fixable Problems and Wildcard Spots

Trailing 4 games without a tiebreaker with 9 to play the Colts hopes of a 6th straight division title are slim. But that doesn't mean the season is destined for failure, thanks to the wildcard. A wildcard is far from just an invitation to get steamrolled by a division champ, 2 of the last 3 titles have been won by wildcard teams (Steelers and Giants).

The Colts have struggled and have dropped two straight but the team's issues are fixable, don't believe me?

What have been the Colts problems this year?

Run D? They've given up only 3.1 yards per carry in back to back games.

Pass Pro? Peyton hasn't been sacked in back to back games after taking 9 sacks in the first 5, and LT Tony Ugoh has returned to the lineup.

Run blocking? Again Ugoh's return and Lilja coming off the PUP eventually will be a big help. Without Addai in the lineup the last two Dom has averaged 3.6 and 4.1 YPC

Peyton and recievers not on the same page? That's the definition of a fixable problem.

Pass D? Half the starting secondary was out and Bob/Kelvin are expected back next week.

The Colts are one game back from the AFC Wildcard and they have a head to head tiebreaker over one team ahead of them (Ravens). All the Colts have to do is gain one game on the Ravens and Jets over their remaining 9.

Update: WOW, a good level headed assessment from a ESPN talking head. (one commentator talks about the Colts running into a wall) "Not a wall, more like a hurdle that tripped them up."

That's what this was. It was a challenge that the Colts just didn't quite make it over. They weren't blown out. They didn't play awful. They came up just short against the team that's been the best in the league over the first 7 games.

Update2: Another good assessment of the game from KSK of all places. Xmas Ape says

The undefeated Titans got over the hump against their divisional nemesis, the Indianapolis Angry Pey-Peys, through a steady diet of stingy defense and Kerry Collins hate speech. The Colts were absolutely allergic to taking turnover opportunities seemingly gift-wrapped to them.