Dungy and his previous 3-4 starts...

Alright everyone, obviously I am not the only frustrated Colts fan around.  My brother and I were pounding anything that was close to us as the Colts made a mistake throughout the game.  I would describe myself as a pretty pessimistic guy and could easily consider this season as a waste, while the end of Manning's career comes closer by.  However, I am not throwing in the towel yet until it is statiscally proven. 

Question:  What has led to Tony Dungy's previous 3-4 starts as a coach?  ......Answer:  PLAYOFFS!

Those starts let to eventual playoff berths between the 1999-2001 seasons with records of 11-5, 10-6, and 9-7.  I'm not saying a 9-7 record will get the Colts into the playoffs, but you get the jist of my point   Anything can happen from now until the Colts 16th game against who?...well, lets not talk about it until the game rolls by.  Dungy has been in this situation before, so lets ride the ship and see what happens.


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