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Colts fans getting spoiled

Let's face it folks: We're spoiled. For five straight years, our team has started the season a staggering 19-1. That is just... wow. The one loss was a Week One loss to our hated rivals in New England at the Razor Blade. We lost that game by a field goal, missed (of course) by Mike Vanderjagt. This season, for the first time in quite some time, we are starting out like most other NFL teams start out: Struggling. Many premiere NFL teams are hovering at 3-4. Some are used to it. We aren't. As I've preached all season long, perspective is key. Every team struggles. Some do in October, others in January.

To help us gain perspective on our team's current situation and how it factors into the history of the club, I point you to the Zombie Brothers at 18 to 88. They provide a point-by-point list of why you should not freak out. While they think this team is just average, I disagree. Our team is still very good, plays very hard, and has a ton of talent. They are just playing inconsistently, not averagely.

But, the tone of their post is very important to take to heart. Relax. Take a breath, and read some of these pearls of wisdom, Coltsfans. Click the link to read the entire list:

Look on the bright side. Every game means something now? Remember all those useless December games we had last year? They matter now. If you have season tickets and can't make it to a game, you have a chance to sell your ticket for better than face. Plus, because Tom Brady is hurt, a lot of the venom has gone out of this week's Pats game.


Remember the bad old days. 3-4? I've been to enough games when we were 1-6, that 3-4 looks good. We root for a team that has some talent and hope for the future. About half the franchises in the NFL would trade places with Indy this season. There were years when 3-4 had everyone excited because if we could just get hot maybe we could finish at 9-7 and make the playoffs. Remember everyone's favorite Colts squad? The 1995 Colts were...9-7.


Remember the Giants and Steelers. At this point in the season of their Super Bowl runs, both teams seemed to have played their way out of contention. Oops. Don't jump ship just yet. Having said that, there's no reason to play Pollyanna either. It's reasonable to doubt that this incarnation of the Colts will turn things around. They are very average. They have about two weeks of leeway before the shark has officially been jumped on 2008.