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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts: Week 5

Editor's Note:  Be sure to get your picks in for the Stampede Blue Prediction Contest.  You have until 1:00 ET on SundayGet your picks in sooner rather than later.

Welcome to Week 5 of your Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts.  I'll review last week before going into this week's studs and duds.  I did much better this week than I did in Week 1.


  • Kerry Collins:  199 yds passing, 0 TD/0 INT, 2 yds rush = 7 pts.  The Titans decided to run the ball alot, and it worked for them.  No good on Collins pick.
  • Edgerrin James:  29 yards rushing, 2 TD, 37 yds rec = 17 pts.  I told you he'd get in the end zone, and he did it twice.  Seeing as how Warner threw for almost 500 yards, Edge's yards were down.  Still a good week though.
  • Lee Evans:  2 catches, 88 yards, 1 TD = 14 pts.  Only 2 catches, but they were big, and one was a TD.  Nice week for Evans.


  • Aaron Rodgers: 165 yds passing, 2TD/3 INT = 12 pts.  Bad week for Rodgers, and he hurt his shoulder.  Tampa's D is tough.
  • Frank Gore: 82 yds rushing, 31receiving, 2 PT = 13 pts. Gore finished 13th in RB last week, so I'll call this a miss.  He didn't play bad, but his team certainly did.
  • Andre Johnson: 3 catches, 38 yards = 3 pts.  Hopefully Johnson has a week like this again this week.  It'll be a good sign for the Colts if he does.

So I was 4 / 6 last week, which I'll take every week. There are 4 teams on bye this week, so make sure to take them out of your lineup (CLE, NYJ, OAK, STL).  Here are you fantasy nuggets for Week 5:


  • Earnest Graham vs. DEN:  Larry Johnson ran all over the Bronco defense last weekend, and look for the same from Graham this week.  Tampa won't be throwing the ball much either with Brian Griese continuing to throw INTs.
  • Chris Chambers vs. MIA: Once again I'll go with a guy playing against his former team that he didn't get along with.  Plus Chambers has fit into the Charger offense quite well this season, and Miami gives up a lot of points to WR (last in NFL this season).
  • Anthony Fasano vs. SD:  The former Domer has been very good with his new team in Miami, and the Dolphins have been the best at TE points this season.  Along with that, the Chargers have given up the most points to TE this season.  Look for Fasano to find the end zone this weekend.


  • Matt Hasselbeck vs. NYG: Both teams are coming off of a bye, and the Seahawks have to travel cross-country to play the 3-0 Giants.  The Giants have been good against the QB, and Hasselbeck has struggled this season, especially with the lack of WR he's had this year.
  • Clinton Portis vs. PHI:  I'm riding the Eagles defense against a RB again, and I hate to do it this year.  Portis has been a member of my team now since he was a rookie in 2001, and I need him to have a good week.  I just don't see it happening.
  • Dwayne Bowe vs. CAR: The Panthers have been very good against WR this season, and I expect a healthy dose of Larry Johnson again, after gaining some confidence last week against the Broncos.  Bowe is also a staple of my fantasy teams this year, so I hope I'm wrong again.

I'd like you to notice I did not take the easy way out and take an opponent of the Lions this week (Orton would have been the obvious choice, but didn't take the bait).

Weekly Derek Anderson "bust" pick:  Anderson can't be a bust this week, as the Browns don't play.  He did get a win against the lowly Bengals last week, but only threw for 138 yds, 1 TD / 1 INT = 9 points.  Still awful.