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Pats Pulpit to take over Stampede Blue

In an NFL season full of weirdness, I'm announcing that, for the next 24 hours, I have been asked to step down as managing editor of Stampede Blue. I have been replaced by MaPatsFan, the head writer over at Pats Pulpit. From now until Saturday, he will have full editorial control over Stampede Blue. This means A PATRIOTS FAN will run and blog on our beloved Colts site.

My God. The horror.


But fear not, Colts faithful. While MaPatsFan is distracted, I will take control of his Patriots fan site over at Pats Pulpit. That's right! A Colts fan will then have complete and utter control over a Patriots fan site.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's like stealing the launch codes for a nuclear submarine!


Sean Connery says, "Tom Brady can eat my nuts,

just like your mother did last night, Trebek."


Be sure to check out both sites as MaPatsFan and I take over each other's blog. The content should be... interesting, to say the least.