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MaPatsFan goes to Indianapolis

Wow, I've never been to Indy before.  This is different; the streets actually make sense, unlike Boston where they just paved over the cow paths.  I'm kinda hungry.  Maybe I'll grab something to eat at this bar.

Nice place.  Lotta blue, though...and horseshoes hanging everywhere.  Look at all the signed jerseys!  Unitas...Manning...Harrison...Wayne...Sanders.  Hey, why did everyone stop talking and start staring at me?  Oh, must be the Welker jersey.  Well, I'll grab a seat at the bar.

"What can I getcha?"

"I'll take a beah, maybe a Sam Adams, a cupah chowdah, and some steamahs."

"Some what?"

"You know, steamahs.  Oh, that's right.  Dude, the alphabet is actually ...q.ah.s.t.u.v"

"Uhm... you're not from around here, are you?"

"Hahdjah guess?  Alright, how boutah steak sandwich?"

"That, I can do."

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Cool!  There's mgrex03.  "Hey MPF, welcome to Indy.  It took me a beer or so, but I worked up this new model.  Check it out."  mgrex03 hits a macro button on a spreadsheet and a 3D model hovers over the keyboard.  "I can adjust the parameters in the spreadsheet and play out a game in 3D.  I'm working on a way to teleport bloggers into the 3D model."

"shake, what's going on?"  "Well, I dug into 25 years of past history and based on passers ratings, red zone stops, and yardage after penalties, the Colts are clearly favored to win and Peyton is the best QB on the planet."

There's KingRichard.  "Hey KR."  "bleh meh Pats suck.  GO HORSE!! dslfjlasddfklldsdsfl"

Holy crap!  It's Peyton.  And he's getting ready to throw the ball.  Wow, can't believe I caught that, right in the bread basket.  I'll never breath again and I've lost feeling in 3 fingers, but I'll be ok.  Bob Sanders?!?!?  I can't believe it!  Uh oh, he's getting up.  Why does he look like the Predator acquiring a target?  Crap, what a time to wear my Welker jersey.

Peyton to Sanders: "Bob...BOB!!  It's Thursday!  Bob rests on Thursdays, remember?  Bob needs to rest up for Sunday's game."  He sits down, but never takes his eyes off of me.

This oughta be fun, I think.  ;-)  We know each other's teams so well that they'll be some good back and forth.