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Upcoming: Stampede Blue interviews Tony Mandarich

I'm sure several of you read MasterRWayne's excellent write-up on former Colts and Packers o-lineman Tony Mandarich. Because of that write-up, Tony Mandarich was nice enough to grant some time to Stampede Blue for an interview. The focus of the interview is on his new book (My Dirty Little Secrets - Steroids, Alcohol & God - The Tony Mandarich Story), his two part interview on Showtime's Inside the NFL (part one aired this past Wednesday), and his tenure with the Colts. Just a little factual information: Tony's first year with the Colts was Marvin Harrison's rookie year, and his last year with them was Peyton Manning's rookie year. Tony had some hilarious stories to tell about playing with both those guys when they were rookies.

My interview with Tony will get posted on Tuesday, a day before Part 2 of his interview is aired on Showtime.