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DVOA on the Colts

Football Outsiders is by far my favorite site for NFL wide info. Just great stuff. After 5 weeks and at least 4 games for every team stats start to make some sense. Here is what FO's DVOA ratings think of the Colts start (and remember that it doesn't adjust for injuries or the return of injured players):

The Colts are ranked 24th overall, 12th on offense, 23rd on defense and 27th on special teams.


What, you thought the Colts special teams were fixed?

They were, in a way. Last year the Colts were last in the league in special teams DVOA so they improved overall. Not just that though. Both of the Colts kick coverage units have been above the league average. The Colts punt team is currently ranked 8th and has netted the team an extra 2.2 points over an average punt team. The kickoff team has saved the Colts nearly a point so far (0.9). Unfortunately those two are totally negated by the Colts being in the bottom five in kick returns. Below average (but not as bad as kick returns) performance on FGs and punt returns drag the Colts further down to their 27th ST ranking.

Losing TJ Rushing for the season has likely cost the Colts the chance to be above average in special teams for the first time in years.