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Colts Fun Stats



Everyone is going to hear about how historic the 17 point comeback on Sunday was, and they should; It was masterful, and has only been done by this same team before.  I've looked into a couple other things for you to munch on this week:

  • The Colts have started 2-2 in a rather unique way:  They've won both games on the road, and lost both games at home.  Since 2001, this has happened 4 times.  Here is a list of teams which started the same way the Colts have this year:

    Year Team Record Playoff Seed
    2001 Jets 10-6 6
    2003 Buccaneers 7-9 N/A
    2006 Jets 10-6 5
    2007 Panthers 7-9 N/A

  • Losing twice in September was a relatively new feeling for these Colts.  They hadn't lost in September since Opening Night of the 2004 season in New England.  With the win on Sunday against the Texans, the Colts have now won 12 straight October games.  The last loss in October was on October 31, 2004 against the Chiefs, in a 45-35 defensive struggle.  Let's keep this going into 2009.
  • Since 2001, the Colts have faced a rookie starting Quarterback 9 times, and are 7-2 in those games.  That is good news, as the Colts face rookie Joe Flacco this week.  Here is a list of games, with the Quarterback:

    Year Team Quarterback Score
    2002 Texans D. Carr W 23-3
    2002 Cowboys C. Hutchinson W 20-3
    2002 Texans D. Carr W 19-3
    2002 Jaguars D. Garrard W 20-13
    2003 Jaguars B. Leftwich L 23-28
    2004 Bears C. Krenzel W 41-10
    2005 49ers A. Smith W 28-3
    2006 Titans V. Young W 14-13
    2006 Titans V. Young L 17-20

  • In Peyton Manning's career, he has faced the Ravens 7 times, 5 of them in Baltimore (I'm glad we are playing them at home this year).  Here are his career numbers, which are pretty good against a very good defense:

    Comp Att Yards TD INT Yds/Att Comp% Rating
    Total 153 246 1873 13 5 7.6 62.2 102.9
    Average 21.9 35.1 267.6 1.9 0.7