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Gary Brackett is your AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Gary Brackett makes big plays. Gary Brackett is THE leader of the Colts defense. Gary Brackett, outside of Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney, is one of the most important players the Colts have on defense. So, when I look on message boards, I chuckle when I see topics that say "CUT BRACKETT" because they are clearly made by idiots who do not know or understand the Colts. Gary Brackett is an oustanding Cover 2 middle line backer, and today the NFL recognized that.

This past Sunday, Gary Brackett made a memorable play that kept the Colts from slipping two games under .500 for the first time in seven seasons.

On Wednesday, Brackett was honored for the effort.

Brackett, a sixth-year veteran middle linebacker, on Sunday returned a fumble 68 yards for a key touchdown in the Colts’ come-from-behind, 31-27 victory over the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. On Wednesday, Brackett was named the AFC’s Defensive Player of the Week.

Brackett, who played collegiately at Rutgers and who also is the Colts’ defensive captain, scored his third career touchdown on a bizarre play that helped the Colts rally from a 17-point fourth-quarter deficit.

Gary Brackett is a stud, and anyone who does not appreciate his efforts and contributions for this team does not know this team. Is he Brian Urlacher or Patrick Willis? No, but he is better than players like Mike Peterson, Antonio Pierce, and Bradie James, in my humble opinion. Gary is arguably the best coverage LBer in football. Any mug worth a damn in this league should be able to tackle, but it takes a special player to make plays like the fumble recover last week, or the INT last year against Tom Brady.

Gary is a special player, and a damn fine MLBer.