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The possibility of a Colts trade

Would the Colts consider trading a first round pick for Rams DT Adam Carriker?
Photo: ESPN

In 2006, with the run defense ailing and Corey Simon's mysterious illness landing him on IR (and eventually out of football), Bill Polian swung one of the best (and most under-rated) trades in recent NFL history. He traded a 2nd round pick to Tampa Bay for DT Anthony "Booger" McFarland. McFarland, one of the better DTs in football at the time, was the anchor for a very good Bucs defense, but that year the Bucs offense was so bad it started them off at 0-5. That start sparked a "fire sale" for veteran players like Booger. The Colts got him, and his play was vital to the Colts winning Super Bowl 41.

Without that trade, the Colts do not win it all in 2006.

This year, similar to 2006, the Colts have problems stopping the run. Both their young, talented DTs from 2007 (Ed Johnson and Quinn Pitcock) quit on football. The Colts have two decent but not Pro Bowl caliber DTs to replace them. In order for the Colts to right their ship and fix their run defense, they might have to swing yet another trade at the deadline. such trades are very rare, but if you are the Colts, and your problems are so obvious, then a trade might be in order.

Yahoo Sports has an article up with some potential players on the block. They list the Colts as potential teams for three of the ten trades:

2. DE Dewayne White Detroit

Comment: “He isn’t a great player, but he’s a good one and he can help any rotation. Plus, you can move him inside from time to time. He probably won’t get more than five or six sacks, but that’s worth it if you’re the right team.” Said another exec: “Try finding a pass rusher at this point of the year.”

Detroit's defense is awful, and they run a similar scheme to Indy (Tampa 2). Rod Marinelli is their head coach, and he was once Tony Dungy's defensive line coach in TB. In fact, Dungy wanted Marinelli as his defensive coordinator in Indy back in 2002, but the asshats known to the rest of the world as the Glazers blocked Marinelli from going to Indy. If Marinelli has good things to say about White, who is a 273 pound DE, maybe the Colts trade for him. Problem is the Colts need a DT, not a DE who can play three technique DT. Eric Foster, Raheem Brock, and Keyunta Dawson all can play that spot well as is. Indy needs a nose tackle.

Speaking of potential NTs and Detriot...

7. DT Cory Redding, Lions

Comment: “If I’m the Lions, I clean house starting now. I don’t even wait for a new GM. This guy played hard for a contract and hasn’t done anything since. Again, I think it’s more about Detroit than the player, so I’d take a chance … if he’s motivated, he can rush the passer from the inside.”

It is possible that Redding (6'4, 300 pounds) has dogged it because it is Detroit, but that reveals a lot about Redding's character. When the chips are down, he folds and doesn't give a crap (kind of like Randy Moss). Redding has the body type and the talent to thrive at NT in a Tampa 2, but his attitude has always gotten in the way.

10. DE Antwan Odom, Texans

Comment: “They just signed him as a free agent (in the offseason), so I don’t think he’ll be available. But I think they realize he’s overrated. He’s purely a complementary player.”

First off, Odom is with the Bengals, not the Texans. Second, this is another DE prospect when the Colts need a NT. Odom had a career year last season in Tennessee. It was also a contract year. Now, he is in Cincy and sucks again. What a shocker. Odom, like Albert Haynesworth, is not someone you want to lock up long term. They play like demons when money is on the line, but lack the heart and professionalism needed to play Colts football.

So, those are Yahoo's prospects. Here are mine:

1. DT Adam Carricker, Rams

BBS Comment: This is a long shot as Carriker is a good, young player with upside. He is 6'6, 310 pounds, but he is quick and could thrive, especially against the run, as a NT in a Tampa 2. The system they have in St. Louis is retarded for his, and everyone's, talents. Current Rams head coach Jim Haslett, promoted from defensive coordinator after the Rams fired Scott Linehan a few weeks ago, is a clueless buffoon. He has no business coaching professional football. The Rams are so bad they may not win more than two games. Carriker is a fine young talent rotting on a bad team. The team is for sale, and draft picks would help this sinking team rebuild. However, for Carriker, the Rams are going to insisit on a first round pick, especially from a team like the Colts. Carricker was picked 13th overall in 2007.

2. DT Domata Peko, Bengals

BBS Comment: Though their defense is wretched, Domata Peko is a good young DT. Fans nickname him the "Flying Squirrel" because of his crazy hair that flies out of his helmet. At 6'4, 325 pounds, he is a big boy. And for the morons out there that say "WE NEED A BIG FATTIE!" the Bengals have a gigantic defensive line... and they still can't stop the run. Peko, despite playing for this team, is one of their better players. He plays hard, has ability, and really flies to the football. He is familiar with the Colts (and the Colts with him) as his brother Tupe Peko was once an offesnive linemen for Indy back in 2003.

3. DT Ryan Sims, Buccaneers

BBS Comment: Hell, why not another trade for a DT with TB! Ryan Sims was a player many had high hopes for in 2002, when he was drafted #6 overall by the KC Chiefs. Sims really busted big time in Kansas City, and was traded to Tampa Bay last year. The Bucs might be willing to trade him for more picks, or for picks and a back-up (like LaJuan Ramsey) to provide depth. Sims is big enough (6'4, 325 pounds) to play Tampa 2 NT, but he has never lived up to the expectations set for him.

So, as you can see, there are not any Booger McFalrand-type DTs out there. But, there is the possiblity the Colts might make a move. We will see next week. The trading deadline is October 14th.