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A call for logos!

I have Photoshop. I use it. I love it. I'm working on creating some logos for the following series we run here at Stampede Blue:

Know Your Colts History (JakeTheSnake)

Stampede Blue Prediction Contest (mgrex30)

Injury Report (shake n bake)

General Football Open Thread (me)

But as I started developing logos, I thought it might behoove us to have some of you submit your logo ideas to us. If you are nifty with a photo or image editor and would like to make a custom logo for one of these series, send me an email. If we use it (and if you send me something, we likely will) everytime we use the logo it will have "Logo by _____" to let folks know it was your great talent that created the logo. Just another way for you folks to brand this site as your own, not my own.

I'm also still tinkering with a podcast logo for a show we're thinking about doing with the AFC South bloggers. Tell me what you think: