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Week 6 picks

Picks and record are straight up. The against the spread contest (which I'm winning) is mgrex03's project.

Week 1: 10-6, Week 2: 10-5, Week 3: 11-5, Week 4: 6-7, Week 5: 9-5 total 46-28 (62.2%)

46 correct puts me dead center of the panel of experts from Mgrex30's list

On to week 6

Chicago over Atlanta, Matt Ryan yo-yo's back down against a excellent defense.

Texans over Dolphins beating one AFC favorite is a fluke, beating two in 5 weeks means there's something to this team. The Texans are in the bottom 4 of FO's rankings while the Dolpnins are 10th. So why am I taking the Texans? Because I did in the spread contest for a reason I can't remember and those picks have done quite well.

Colts over Ravens, Run D needs to step up or Le'ron McClain will go Ron Dayne on us.

Vikings over Lions, When your offense is stopped by the Saints you are officially no longer a SB contender. The Lions are awful though. How awful are they? They are the worst defense FO has ever measured through 5 games and the 5th worst team through 5 games (would be fourth but the Rams are outsucking them this year).

Saints over Raiders, Reggie Bush almost single handedly beat the Vikings, he should be enough to beat the Raiders, providing the gameplan is smart enough not to send Bush up the middle.

Jets over Bengals, trade rumors surrounding TJ Houshmanzedeh. I don't believe them, if the Bengals wouldn't trade their pissed off headcase WR they sure as hell won't let a similarly talented but sane WR go.

Bucs over Panthers, "Oooh the Panthers looked good last week and the Bucs lost." Remember the opponents. The Cheifs are bad enough to be the worst team in the league most years, but are saved by the historic ineptitude of the Rams and Lions. The Broncos have defensive issues, but are a still a very good team.

Redskins over Rams, speak of the crime against football, it's the Rams. I took the Rams+13.5 because that's too big of a number for any professional team, but the Rams are just wretched. Can I has Adam Carriker? You guys don't seem to be needing him.

Broncos over Jags, the Jags shouldn't have even been able to stick with the Steelers, but dumb fouls by the Steelers and a bad PI call kept them in it. They aren't very good. If you let them stick around they can beat you, but they are a team that should be burried by a top team before the final minutes arrive.

Cowboys over Cardinals, I don't get the Cards. They get slaughtered by the Jets, then crush the Bills. Is it as simple as Kurt Warner and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?

Eagles over Niners, Without Westbrook that offense is cribbled. I don't think there is another non-QB in the league who's loss kills an offense as much as Westbrook.

Packers over Seahawks, I know the Pack have dropped 3 straight, but at least two of those teams are good and Seattle has been awful. How are the Seahawks favored? The people who make the lines are smarter than I am so when this one (and GB+2.5) loses I'll just have to kick myself for not being able to pass up a pick that's too good to be true.

Chargers over Pats, what was suppose to be a battle for AFC dominance is now a game between two teams that lost to Miami in the last 3 weeks.

Giants over Browns, did you hear Brady Quinn endorsed John McCain for president. You'd think that Quinn would disagree with some of McCain's stances on "Social Issues."

Yes, "Brady Quinn is gay" jokes are more interesting than anything about this game. No, this is not an invitation to talk politics.