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Quick Recap: Colts 24-Steelers 20

Ok, feel free to make fun of me. I'm still recovering from an all day wedding reception that featured locally brewed beer that was served in old, tan-tinted jugs and poured into special, empty pickle jars that had the names of the guests written on them.

Locally brewed beer + Wedding = Drunk (and now hungover) BBS.

Now that have scrapped the crust from the corners of my mouth and drank about 2 gallons of water, I can coherently talk about the Colts game yesterday.


The big key that many analysts have left out of their post-game breakdowns is the play of new DT Antonio "Mookie" Johnson. Some of you noticed him in the game thread comments. He had no statistical impact on the game, but his stoutness against the run was as good as any DT has played this year for Indy. I'll have a nice, formal recap written up soon, but I'll just say now that in Pittsburgh yesterday the Colts found their defense.

When this team gets its running game on track, no one will beat them. No one. Go Colts!