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Wednesday Injury Report (week 11)

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Still Out: Roy Hall (knee)*, Kelvin Hayden (hamstring), Tom Santi (shoulder), Daniel Muir (hamstring)

New Injuries: Reggie Wayne (ankle) Anthony Gonzalez (hamstring), Robert Mathis (foot), Antoine Bethea (ankle), Keiwan Ratliff (quadraceps)

Day Off: Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Gary Brackett, Tim Jennings



*=I'll save everyone the trouble:

Like OMG, Hall hasn't played all year. CUT HIM, IR HIM, PUSH HIM OFF A BRIDGE.   DO IT NOWWWW!!!11!!!.


Texans report

OUT: Matt Schaub**

Did Not Practice: Amobi Okoye (Starting DT), Morlon Greenwood (Starting LB)

Limited Practice: Andre Davis (Kickoff returner, backup WR)

**= You know what that means