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Fanhouse does good article on why Colts beat Steelers

From Fanhouse:

But if you look at the defense the Colts called, the play call works. If the Steelers linemen do they're job, Moore dances into the end zone--the Steelers have a blocker for every defender.

It didn't work that way. The Steelers offensive line may be below average, but this is a matchup they should easily win. The Colts staring defensive tackles, Eric Foster (265 pounds) and Kenyuta Dawson (254 pounds), are two of the smallest defensive tackles in the NFL. But on this play, Foster got lower than Kemoeatu. Kemoeatu attempted to counter by laying on top of Foster, but it didn't work. Kemoeatu ended up sliding off Foster's legs, Foster popped up and he was wating for Mewelde Moore in the hole. So was linebacker Gary Brackett, who has shrugged of a very ineffectual Essex block. Moore was stuffed for no gain, and we'll try it all over again.

So, did the Colts "small" d-line actually have an advantage? Real quick, Fanhouse writer JJ Cooper left out an important element in his analysis: The play of 320 pound DT Antonio Johnson. Johnson's play at the point of attack was very key in Indy's d-line dominating Pittsburgh's o-line.