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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts: Week 11

Editor's Note:  Be sure to get your picks in for the Stampede Blue Prediction Contest.  You have until 1:00 ET SundayGet your picks in sooner rather than later.

Welcome to Week 10 of your Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts.  I'll review last week before going into this week's studs and duds.


  • Chad Pennington:  209 passing, 1 TD/1 INT = 12 pts.  Although his 1 touchdown pass was pretty neat (flea flicker), not a good day overall for Pennington.  They did win at least.
  • Leon Washington:  54 yds rush, 14 yds rec = 6 pts.  I was one week early on this pick.  The Jets put up 47 on the Rams, but none were by Washington.  And I lost by 5 points.
  • Matt Jones:  62 yards = 6 pts.  Another 0-3 for my sleeper picks.  I figured I was playing it safe going against the Lions.  Porter and Williamson got the TDs though.


  • Peyton Manning: 240 yds passing, 3 TD = 27 pts.  Aww shucks, I got this wrong too.  I'm so disappointed.  Thanks Peyton for proving me wrong.  I'm sure he read this, and wanted to prove me wrong.
  • Brian Westbrook: 26 yds rushing, 33 receiving = 5 pts. I got one!  Westbrook was shut down by the Giants defense.  I don't expect Westbrook to have similar numbers vs. Cincinnati this week.
  • Andre Johnson: 66 yards = 6 pts.  Can we keep Johnson at these numbers this week too, please?.

My bonus pick of David Garrard was spot on.  238 yds passing, 2 TD, 10 yds rush = 22 pts.  Jacksonville doesn't lose to 2 winless teams in a row.  I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving, watching the Lions get slaughtered by the Titans.

So I was 3 / 7 last week, and 38/68 for the season. All the teams have finished their byes, so your fantasy teams are fully stocked from now on.  Here are you fantasy nuggets for Week 11:


  • Matt Ryan vs. DEN:  Cpt. Intangibles has been playing quite well this year, and should continue that at home against the Broncos, who rank 26th against Fantasy QBs this season.
  • Pierre Thomas vs. KC: The Chiefs are dead last against RB this season, and Brees has struggled as of late.  Expect the Saints to run more than normal, and Thomas to pick up those carries and yards.
  • Bobby Engram vs. ARI:  Hasselbeck is back from injury, and Arizona is dead last against WR.  I'm looking for a nice game from Engram this week.


  • Tony Romo vs. WAS: Romo is also back from injury this week, playing a divisional game, on the road, against a defense ranked 5th against QBs.  Terry's not gonna like it, but Romo's gonna struggle.
  • LaDainian Tomlinson vs. PIT:  This hasn't been the greatest year of LT to begin with, and the Steelers are #3 against RB this season.  No big week for LT.
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh vs. PHI: The Eagles have pounded their lousy opponents this season, and it should be the same Sunday afternoon against the Bengals.  They are also 6th best against WR this season.  Plus I have the Eagles D this week, and I need lots of points from them without my man Portis.

Bonus pick:  Jake Delhomme vs. DET. Delhomme was awful last week against the Raiders, but get the lowly Lions this week at home.  I'll go out on a limb and say he has a better week than 4 picks last week.

Weekly Derek Anderson "bust" pick:  I'm glad this is over.  The Browns play Monday Night in Buffalo.  Quinn should have another nice game, with it being blown at the end by his incompetent head coach.