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Quick Recap: Colts 33-Texans 27

Again, anyone who thought this was going to be a "blowout" or anything like that needs to have their head examined. The Texans are fighters, and they eyed this game as payback for the collapse they suffered back in October. The Colts needed their best offensive performance of the season to hold Houston off. Despite some shotty defense, the Colts did enough at the end to get it done. They also were able to FINALLY run the ball.

At 6-4, the Colts are now (I guess, officially) back in playoff contention. I still think this team is good enough to do some great things, and winning tough games like this reinforces this for me. Be sure to check at Battle Red Blog for Texans fans reaction. To them I say their team is very tough, and no one in the AFC South is a chump team.