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A MNF Guide: The Brady Quinn Drinking Game

We are all in a pretty good mood after yesterday's 33-27 win over the Texans.  The offense finally showed their true self, and we are back atop the wild card standings.  Tonight, a 5-4 Buffalo team will host the 3-6 Browns, in a game we should all be rooting for the team employing my 2nd favorite quarterback, Brady Quinn

We all know how obnoxious ESPN is, especially on MNF.  I, along with Brian G. over at Buffalo Rumblings, expect them to be especially so tonight, as Quinn will be the focal point of their broadcast.  I thought I'd come up with a game for all of you to play, based on what topics or names come up.  I'll categorize them from Multiple Times to Very Obscure, along with the requisite drinks of sweet nectar that go along with it.  Here goes:

Take one drink for each time they say the following, as they'll happen multiple times:

  • Derek Anderson
  • Notre Dame
  • Charlie Weis
  • "Hometown QB"

Take two drinks for each time they say the following, as they may happen multiple times, but at least once:

  • 2007 Draft
  • Lack of Arm Strength
  • Showing Derek Anderson spinning a ball on the sidelines
  • Quinn's record against Trent Edwards in college (3-0)

Take three drinks for each time they say the following, as these are starting to get obscure, but they (ESPN) will be obnoxious

  • Tyrone Willingham
  • A.J. Hawk
  • Actual video of the 2007 draft, complete with his reaction when the Dolphins selected the Ginn Family.
  • Tom Brady speaking to him on the phone while in college

Take four drinks for each time they say the following, as these have nothing to do with the game, but ESPN doesn't care:

  • Jeff Samardzija
  • Jimmy Clausen
  • Notre Dame's bowl record over the past 15 years
  • John McCain

Take an entire bottle of Irish Whiskey, and chug the whole thing:

  • Show any of the pictures found in this collage (courtesy of Deadspin).  Especially the last one, as it is the most famous.  

I'm going to keep track of all of these things, and hope everything gets said at least once, other than the last thing, as I don't think my liver could take that much obnoxiousness.  Here's to enjoying the game a little more, and Lee Evans/Braylon Edwards combining for less than 9 fantasy points.  Go Browns!