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Somewhat off topic: Teams that could have head coaching vacancies next year

The NFL could be bracing itself for several job openings for head coach. Depending on how things shake out with the playoffs, the NFL could have as many as 14 job openings for head coach. Think I'm crazy? Well, ok, yeah I am. But think I'm wrong about this? Check out this list:

  • Cincinnati Bengals: This team has under achieved for three years and Marvin Lewis looks lost out there.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: They could miss the playoffs for the second straight year, and if you listen to talk radio in Philly, fans are pissed as hell at Andy Reid.
  • Oakland Raiders: This is obvious. The team has played much worse since Skeletor fired Lane Kiffin.
  • Cleveland Browns: They must make the playoffs. If not, Romeo must stab himself while Juliet (aka Phil Savage) must take poison.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: There is a rift between President Carl Peterson and HC Herm Edwards. Peterson could get the boot, but Edwards has been, and always will be, an overrated head coach.
  • Minnesota Vikings: If they do not make the playoffs, Brad Childress is gone. He married himself to QB Tavaras Jackson, and that marriage (and divorse) could cost him. The Vikes are too talented not to make the playoffs, and if they don't, the coach must take the blame.
  • Green Bay Packers: GM Ted Thompson is more out on a limb than HC Mike McCarthy, but McCarthy lobbied for Brett Favre's outster as much as Thompson did. If the Favre-led Jets make the playoffs and the Packers don't, McCarthy and Thompson are gone, and for good reason.
  • St. Louis Rams: Interim coach Jim Haslett had to win 7 games to keep his job. He ain't doing that.
  • San Francisco 49ers: They will likely retain Mike Singletary. Fans love him and players are responding ot him. But, if they collapse down the stretch, they'll look for a new coach.
  • San Diego Chargers: They fired defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell mid-season. Norv Turner's offense has been equally putrid to the defense all season, and there is no reason for it. If SD misses the playoffs, Turner is gone (and A.J. smith is on the hotseat).
  • Detroit Lions: Sadly, Rod Marinelli's team is 0-10. He was hired by moron-in-chief Matt Millen. Marinelli is a goner and he knows it. To his credit, he is coaching his brains out, and taking on anyone who questions the team.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: This team was predicted to win the AFC South by many "experts." Jack Del Rio's antics have divided a locker room he put together. If a better offer is floated out there, look for Jack to make a move to get out of Jacksonville.
  • Seattle Seahawks: Mike Holmgren is retiring. His supposed replacement, Jim Mora Jr., might join him the way this club has played this year.
  • Dallas Cowboys: Wade Phillips was always a goner, even if Dallas manages to crawl into the playoffs.

Look at that list folks. Now, some of those teams (Dallas, Seattle) have assistant coaches already in place to take over should the head coach leave. It is also very possible that coaches like Del Rio, McCarthy, and Reid could just move from one team to another (like Jon Gruden did in 2002). Left off this list are the Indianapolis Colts. I do not think Dungy will retire after this year. That is just a hunch. But, I might be wrong with that.

All these potential openings mean assistant coaches from all teams will get looked at. This means Colts assistants like Ron Meeks and Alvin Williams could leave. I personally think Meeks is an underrated coordinator, and should get a chance to lead a club. Alvin Williams would make a great DC somewhere.

Other head coaching candidates: Josh McDaniels (Patriots OC), Ron Rivera (new Chargers DC), Mike Heimerdinger (Titans OC), Steve Spagnola (Giants DC), Jim Schwartz (Titans DC), Jim Fassell (former Giants HC), Brian Billick (former Ravens HC), and Bill Cowher (former Steelers HC).