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Week 12 Wildcard Positioning Guide

How to root for better wildcard position for the Colts.

The Colts are sitting in the top wildcard spot, but that place is far from secure. They are in a 4 way tie, but are currently on top of the tiebreakers.

Bengals over Steelers, the Ravens and Steelers are only separated by a game and they play again so it’s better that both have worse records than Indy.

Eagles over Ravens, NFC over AFC is an easy call

Vikings over Jags, The Jags are almost out of the race, two games back with a bad conference record, but it would be good from them to be totally out of the race before week 16's game against the Colts

Chiefs over Bills, the Bills are dropping like a stone and likely need a sweep of their 3 remaining division games to pass the Fins or Pats, but every team that we can get out of the race is a plus.

Pats over Dolphins, If the Dolphins hadn't given up the game winning TD with 7 seconds remaining to the Texans they would be ahead of the Colts right now. The Fins are the only team with a real shot at winning the tiebreaker over the Colts

Jets over Titans   How the Colts can win the AFC South:

  1. Titans lose 5, Colts win out
  2. Titans lose out, Colts win 5
  3. Titans lose to Texans, Colts, and two of the following NYJ/PIT/CLE Colts win out

Texans over Browns, the Browns are on the edge of the wildcard race and on the remaining schedule, the Texans are 3 back of Indy without the tiebreaker.

Broncos ? Raiders, if the Colts beat the Chargers then we root for the Broncos all the time, so they win the AFC West keeping the Chargers, who we have the tiebreaker over in the wildcard race. If the Colts lose to SD, then we want them to win the AFC West to get them out of wildcard competition, so would support the Broncos opponents.