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Week 12 Picks

Record and picks are picking winners. The against the spread contest is mgrex03's project.

Week 1: 10-6, Week 2: 10-5, Week 3: 11-5, Week 4: 6-7, Week 5: 9-5  Week 6: 9-5, Week 7: 12-2, Week 8: 8-6, Week 910-4, Week 10: 12-2, Week 11, 11-4-1

Total 108-51-1 (67.9%)  ATS 90-70 (56.3%)

108 correct puts me behind ESPN's Accuscore (110) and Chris Mortensen (109)

No spread picks this week since I was passed in the contest. If you want my picks you guys have to stop being better than me.


Steelers over Bengals, if only the Jags hadn't blown their game against the Bengals. I'm legitimately curious as to how a winless team would react to a tie.

Ravens over Eagles, Both FO and Advanced NFL Stats like the Eagles better, but at this point I think that they have just the right amount of incompetence (honestly how do you not know you can tie?) to look good most of the game and then blow it in the end.

Carolina over Atlanta, the stat sites are no help as they disagree so it's all me. I don't believe in the Falcons. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and it did against Denver.

Browns over Texans, Brady Quinn struggled (14-36) against a mediocre pass D (20th), but the Texans aren't a mediocre pass D (27th) and are even worst against the run (32nd).

BIlls over Chiefs, KC can't stop the run, Beast Mode Marshawn put up 177 total yards on a better D last week. Trent Edwards is going to need 4 picks in the first quarter to kill the BIlls O in this one.

Bears over Rams, What happened to that Bears team that held the Titans to negative rushing in the first half? What happened to that Rams team that beat the Redskins and thought benching Marc Bulger for Trent Green was a fire-able offense? The Bears showed life more recently so they are the pick.

Titans over Jets, I'm excited for this one to see if my Brett Favre hate runs deep enough to get me rooting for the result that would be worse for the Colts

Dolphins over Pats, When the Jets offense couldn't move the ball last year they blamed Pennington's noodle arm. Then Pennington goes to the Dolphins in the same division against many of the same teams and the Fins offense works better than ever. A couple wildcat plays a game is not the difference and the Dolphins are a good team without them. Amazing what efficient QB play behind a decent line does.

Vikings over Jags, both these teams are painfully boring. The suck exuded by the Vikings passing game has even hurt Purple Jesus, he's under 5 yards per carry and has already matched last years fumble total.

Bucs over Lions, I would not be at all surprised to look up in the 2nd or 3rd quarter and see the Lions up by double digits. I would be very surprised if they won. The Lions have jumped out to leads over a couple better teams then blown the game. The Bucs spotted the Chiefs 21 points then came back at the last second.

Cowboys over Niners, the Cowboys don't suck, the Niners do

Broncos over Raiders, I keep waiting for some QB not to know better than to regularly go to the WR covered by Nnamdi Asomugha. Favre didn't, the rookie Matt Ryan knew enough even when they switched who Asomugha was on mid game. Despite missing a game with a suspension, Brandon Marshall has been the target of more passes than any receiver in the league. Will Cutler force it to him?

Giants over Cardinals, We'll see Sunday if Kurt Warner is really back. The Kurt Warner of the last few years against a dominant pass rush would fumble a bunch then leave injured. Time to see if he's really changed.

Redskins over Seahawks, I asked myself, "How after the Seahawks won two games?" I answered "Because they play in the NFC West?" I looked it up, they won home against the Rams and @Niners. The Seahawks are still benefiting from that awful division. If the Cards still sucked the Seahawks would lead the division at 3-7.

Colts over Chargers, obviously Go Horse

Packers over Saints, The Saints aren't good. They have a passing game and that's it.