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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts: Week 9

Editor's Note:  Be sure to get your picks in for the Stampede Blue Prediction Contest.  You have until 1:00 ET TodayGet your picks in sooner rather than later.

Welcome to Week 9 of your Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts.  I'll review last week before going into this week's studs and duds. 

Due to the lateness of this, I'll put everything after the jump.



  • JT O'Sullivan:  131 yds passing, 0 TD / 1 INT, 1 FL = 1 pts.  I forgot they had a new head coach as well.  Oops.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis:  16 yds rush, 1 TD, 7 pts.  Kevin Faulk had the bigger day, so a no go here on the super-sleeper.
  • DeSean Jackson:  72 yards = 7 pts.  Missed all my sleeper picks.  That's not a good sign.


  • Kurt Warner: 381 yds passing, 2 TD/1 INT = 25 pts.  Stupid Carolina defense.  Warner got lots of yards, but still lost.  I need to get one right here.
  • Marshawn Lynch: 61 yds rushing, 1 TD, 34 receiving = 15 pts. Lynch played well, again.  I guess everyone has a bad week predicting these things.
  • Plaxico Burress: 15 yards = 1 pts.  Yes, I finally got one.  I don't care that he didn't play in the 1st quarter.  He only had 15 yards receiving.  At least my fantasy team still won last week.

My bonus pick of Jason Campbell also worked out well, 328 yds passing 1 TD / 1 FL, which is 17 points.  That's another win for me.  By the way, Campbell has yet to throw an INT this season.  I fully expect that to change this week, as I've now mentioned it.

So I was 2 / 7 last week, and 30/54 for the season. There are 4 teams on bye this week, so make sure to take them out of your lineup (CAR, NO, SD, SF).  Here are you fantasy nuggets for Week 9:


  • Donovan McNabb vs. SEA:  Seattle is still bad, even with their win last week.  Expect Donovan, coming off a Bye, and the pressure of the city of Philadelphia winning a championship now off of his shoulders, to play like gangbusters the rest of the year.
  • Ricky Williams vs. DEN: Rickey stayed off pipe enough this week to have a big game in the thin air of Denver.  The Broncos are 2nd to last in RB defense, so I see a big game coming.
  • Eddie Royal vs. MIA:  Staying in Denver, the Broncos rookie WR should get back to his Weeks 1 & 2 form today against the Dolphins.  They are bad against WR, and Cutler is going to have a good day today after a bye.


  • Ben Roethlisberger vs. WAS: Big Ben looked bad last week against the NFC East, and it will continue this week, now on the road in Washington, on Monday Night Football.
  • Marion Barber vs. NYG:  Giants will have 8 in the box all day, making Brad Johnson beat their secondary.  Not happening today.
  • Greg Jennings vs. TEN: We all saw how good the Titan secondary was last week.  I think they'll handle Jennings today, the 2nd leading receiver in the NFL.

Bonus pick:  Kyle Orton vs. DET.  He did it once, he'll do it again.  Big day for Orton.

Weekly Derek Anderson "bust" pick:  Looks like he played ok last week.  246 yards passing, 1 TD / 0 INT, winning on the road in Jacksonville.  Good for him.  He plays the Ravens this week.