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BigBlueShoe back in comfortable surroundings

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Whew. Good to be back. I see MaPatsFan didn't trash the place or pee on my sofa cushions. I hope you enjoyed our little blog swap these last few days. A recap of all our blog takeover posts is located below some of this morning's links. MaPatsFan and I came up with this idea many months ago in an effort to show that things are a little different between both blogs. Last year this time, things got very testy between us and the previous Pats Pulpit regime. I was partly to blame for that. So, I felt I needed to do something to show that things were cool between PP and SBlue. Special thanks to MaPatsFan and his co-workers at PP. You made me feel welcome over there, and I trust SBlue readers and writers made you feel welcome here, because you always are. 

Now, some morning links to get you started:

  • Now that Rodney Harrison is done of the year (and possibly his career), it seems Vince Wilfork is now the target of NFL players and media as The Dirtest Player in Football.
  • From Fanhouse, this is why our organization is so great while the Raiders continue to make a strong case for the NFL contraction in Oakland: They are actually practicing touchdown celebrations
  • 18 to 88 has their Eyes in the Backfield piece up for the Pats game tonight.
  • Perhaps a pre-cursor for tonight's game? Impressive home opener for the new look Indiana Pacers, beating the Boston Celtics handily. Cornrows and I have chatted on and off all NBA off-season, and he has had some very good buzz about this squad. Are they championship caliber now? No, but they are good and just kicked the crap out of the defending champs. Mike Dunleavy is still out and Brandon Rush still is not starting, which means the team could get even better. They seem determined. Danny Granger had two of his teeth knocked out while hustling. Haven't seen that kind of hustle play in a while. We missed it. Go Pacers! 
  • More from 18 to 88:
    In just 7 games, Manning has played 4 of the top 5 defenses in terms of passer rating. In fact, he's played the three best in consecutive weeks.
  • Indy Star previews Colts v. Pats.
  • Patriots RBs Sammy Morris and LaMont Jordan are out for tonight's game. With Laurence Maroney done for the year, the Pats are dangerously thin at RB. Kevin Faulk might have to carry the load for the #6 ranked rushing offense in football.
  • Roy Hall is still out. He hasn't played since, I think, the first pre-season game. WTF? It is Week 9! If he isn't ready now, IR or cut him. That is 8 weeks of a wasted active roster spot. Justin Forsett could still be on this team if not for Roy Hall. Unbelievable.  
  • And finally, ESPN might finally be catching onto the fact that Bill Simmons is a complete moron who knows nothing about sports even though he is paid 6 figures to write about the sport. They are yanking his awful NFL picks article

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