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Back on track

The win puts the Colts at 8th in the AFC, one game out of third.


The Colts are now 3-2 in the AFC giving them the tiebreaker over the Dolpins. The Colts hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Ravens and Pats. They currently have the conference record tiebreaker over the Jets as well, putting them 1/2 game out of wildcard spot and a tie for 5th with the Bills.

My Thoughts on the game

  • The O actually moved the ball.
  • Peyton is still off on his throws to Marvin, but he's hitting Wayne, Gonzo and Clark.
  • The run game needs to improve. Both Addai and Dom struggled to find any room to run. The OL was not run blocking well, especially when it came to blocking the LBs. Both Ugoh and Charlie Johnson each blew an assignment badly leading to a pair ineffective runs.
  • On D I'm very impressed with how well Tim Jennings did. He made some plays and was rarely beaten
  • Ratliff played much better than you can expect a guy that was a free agent Wednesday to do on Randy Moss.
  • Bethea as the nickelback was excellent. They have 3 startable safeties and no good CBs right now.
  • The run D was disappointing, but the LBs just need to play their assignments better.