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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football Standings, Week 12


We've got 1 week to go in the Stampede Blue Fantasy Football league, and only 3 of the 6 playoff spots have been accounted for.  Here's where we stand so far:

  • #1 seed - Statistical Anomaly (That's my team).  I'm up a full 2 games on entire league.  Hope to keep steam rolling through the playoffs.
  • #4 seed - King's Colts (KingRichard).  He has the second best record in the league, but in the wrong division.  His fantasy season has paralleled the Colts this year.  Struggling early, winning a lot lately, could end up with 2nd best record in league, as well as division.
  • Division Winner - Speed Blue Militia (metal_militia).  A win gives him a first round bye, a loss may still do it, but I'm not sure. (More on that later).

Now for the fun part.  As you can see, the Peyton Division has all 4 teams at 6-6.  I'm going to attempt to run through different scenarios to find the playoff teams.  Wish me luck...

  • True_Blue wins division if:
    • Win and either:
      • Blue Balled wins or
      • Score within 23 points of The Addai-Less Agenda
  • The Addai-Less Agenda wins division if:
    • Win and either:
      • Lincoln Brigade wins or
      • Score 23 points more than True_Blue
  • Lincoln Brigade wins division if:
    • Win and
    • Blue Balled wins and
    • Score within 58.5 points of Blue Balled
  • Blue Balled wins division if:
    • Win and
    • Lincoln Brigade wins and
    • Score 58.5 points more than Lincoln Brigade

Update: I was looking at it a little closer.  Here are a couple other things:

  • In the Peyton Division, it is win and you are in the Playoffs.  Not necessarily a division winner, but you are in the playoffs.
  • MexicanBlue is also Win and you are in. 
  • If MexicanBlue loses, the 5-7 teams have a chance, including BBS.  All of them should be fans of the King this week.

I'm not going to attempt to predict any other scenarios, as there are too many.  We'll just wait and see how it shakes out.  Good luck to everyone in the final week of the regular season.  Get Well Brandon Jacobs!